Pre-Hunt and Long range classes Fall 2023

Empowering Jackson Hole Through Knowledge: The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation’s Upcoming Sponsored Classes

In the heart of Jackson Hole, where rugged landscapes meet good old fashioned values, the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation is gearing up to sponsor two exceptional classes that promise to leave a lasting impact. With a steadfast dedication to responsible firearm education and community enrichment, these upcoming classes epitomize the Foundation’s commitment to creating a safer, more informed, and tightly-knit community.

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Pre-Hunt Rifle Tune-Up Education:

The first of the two classes, “Pre-Hunt Rifle Tune-Up,” is a testament to the Foundation’s mission to promote responsible firearm education. Scheduled for September 16th, 2023 this class is designed to empower participants with the knowledge they need to use firearms safely and confidently for hunting purposes. From novices to experienced enthusiasts, the class aims to instill a sense of responsibility and skill, equipping attendees with the tools they need to hunt ethically.

Don’t let missed shots spoil your hunting experience. Join our group shooting class to enhance your skills, make sure your rifle is ready and boost your confidence before your hunt. Our expert instructors will help you overcome common hunting challenges and make that crucial shot count.

Most hunters who miss the shot do so because of common issues like:

  • Misaligned scopes
    Nervousness (buck fever)
    Unfamiliarity with equipment
    Insufficient practice

Long Range Rifle Training:

Delving into the curriculum of “Long Range Rifle,” participants can expect to learn:

  • Understanding MOA
  • Ammo considerations
  • Internal & external ballistics
  • Making sure your rifle & scope setup is in good working condition
  • Dealing with wind

These topics are a starting point and the class will offer much much more. This comprehensive approach ensures that attendees not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, building their confidence as they navigate the world of long range shooting. Instructors will be authors Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries.

Unveiling Opportunities:

Intriguingly, both classes offer more than just skill development. They open doors to lasting friendships, shared experiences, and the chance to contribute positively to the shooting community. By participating in these classes, attendees are not only investing in their own growth but also in the growth of Jackson Hole shooting sports popularity.

Secure Your Spot:

As spots for these classes are bound to fill up quickly, interested participants are encouraged to secure their spots well in advance. The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation’s commitment to responsible firearm education and community engagement is evident through these carefully crafted classes. By participating, individuals can play an active role in shaping a safer, more knowledgeable, and closely-knit community.

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In a world that thrives on knowledge, individualism, and shared experiences, the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation’s upcoming classes stand as pillars of progress. Through these classes, the Foundation continues to fortify its bond with the shooting community, making strides toward a future that prioritizes responsibility, safety, and shared growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey—reserve your spot in these transformative classes today.

Pre-Hunt and Long range classes Fall 2023