Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition

See official Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition rules and sign up HERE.

Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation is excited to announce its upcoming youth “22 long rifle” long range shooting competition. This is a great opportunity for young shooters to improve their marksmanship skills and enjoy a fun and competitive day at the range.

Here are the competition rules:

  1. Registration: All participants must register no later than 10 days in advance. Only the first 10 competitors to register will be admitted, so make sure to register early. If you register but do not attend, you agree to donate $50 to the JHSSF. Please do not RSVP a space and then not show up as it will prevent someone else from participating.
  2. Classifications: There will be two classifications, 1) Factory Iron Sight and 2) Scopes or Aperture Sight.
  3. Partners: All participants must bring a responsible adult as their partner. If you are between the ages of 8 and 16 and do not have a rifle or a parent/guardian/coach to be your partner, the JHSSF will supply a rifle, ammo, and a shooting pro to be your partner. You must inform us prior to May 1, 2023 if you would like this help.
  4. If you have a spotting scope, please bring it. If not, you may use one of the range scopes.Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition
  5. Scoring: The shooter’s partner will be provided with score sheets on a clipboard and will keep track of their shooter’s scores. Long range target shooters are some of the most honest people around!
  6. We will teach basic safety rules at the beginning, and any violation after that is immediate grounds for disqualification from the match.
    1. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction and …
    2. Always keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot.
  7. Ammunition: Any factory 22LR ammunition is allowed. Local shooter Tony Molina, shoots his 22lr out to 600 yards, recommends using CCI standard velocity 40gr LRN or Aguila super extra 40gr standard velocity LRN for the most consistent results.
  8. Shooting positions: Participants can choose between prone or using a shooting bench. You are welcome to use a bipod, your own front rest (or the range’s), and a rear squeeze bag.


  • JD-HCO is donating a Savage model B22 Precision rifle to the 1st place winner!
  • JHSSF is donating a nice 22LR ELR scope for the other 1st place winner!

Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition Course of Fire:

a. 50 yards – 5 shots on a steel target within a 30-second timeline. Each shooter will take a turn shooting their 5 shots, then the next shooter will shoot, and so on. 25 points are available.Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

b. 100 yards – 5 shots on a paper target. All shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot these shots. 50 points are available. A sighter-target will be available on this same target stand. You may shoot up to 10 shots at the sighter target, however, when you start shooting for score, you must stay on that target and may not shoot more sighters.

c. 200 yards – 10 shots on a paper target. All shooters will have 5 minutes to take their shots. There will be several steel targets that shooters may use as sighters. We will go down the line before the actual scored portion begins, and each shooter may have up to 30 seconds to shoot steel at that distance if they choose. 100 points are available.

d. 440 yards (1/4 mile) – 5 shots at a steel target. Shooters will take turns, and each shooter may have up to 1 minute to make their shots. 100 points are available (20 points for each hit).

e. Top 5 Shooters: The top 5 shooters will progress back down to 300 yards – 10 shots on steel. Shooters will take turns.

After the match, Chef Alan Brumsted will prepare a Hot Dog feast for participants and observers!

Youth 22 Long Range Shooting Competition

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