Hunting training class August 31 2024

JH Shooting Sports Foundation Presents:

Pre-Hunt (Rifle) Skill-development and Ethics Class

*Please note that this course does NOT count as Hunter’s Ed training.

Why are we offering this class?

Due to demand for more affordable options than our private lessons, we are collaborating with the Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation to offer a PRE-HUNT RIFLE AND SHOOTER TUNEUP class. This group hunting training class class aims to enhance your skills, ensure your rifle is ready, and boost your confidence before your hunt, with expert instructors to guide you.

🌲 Embark on Your Hunting Journey: Pre-Hunt (Rifle) Skill-development and Ethics Class 🎯

Ready for an adventure? Our Pre-Hunt (Rifle) Skill-development and Ethics Class is designed for both seasoned hunters and rookies. It’s an opportunity to improve your hunting skills before the season begins.

Class Snapshot

  • When: Saturday, August 31st | A morning of fun and learning!
  • Time: 9 AM – 12 PM (3 hours)
  • Investment: $50/person (Pre-Register by August 11, 2023)
  • Minimum age: Mature 14

What’s in store for you?

  • πŸ”« Expert Rifle Handling Techniques
  • 🎯 Precision Shooting Skills
  • 🌱 Ethical Hunting Practices and Wildlife Conservation
  • 🌟 Fun and camaraderie

Your The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation is proud to sponsoring this class!

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Common issues like misaligned scopes, nervousness, unfamiliarity with equipment, and insufficient practice are addressed in this class. Our instructors will teach safety, shooting basics, and how to properly use your equipment.

What you’ll need:

  • Your hunting rifle & scope
  • At least 60 rounds of the same rifle ammunition
  • Accessories (bipod, sling, shooting sticks, etc.)
  • Proof of license to hunt in the fall of 2024 to Spring of 2025

Group Shooting Class Includes:

  • Targets
  • Loaner hearing and eye protection
  • Water
  • Use of smaller caliber rifles and ammo for practice
  • Coaching
  • Range fees
  • Spotting scopes

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Hunting training class, Pre-Hunt (Rifle) Skill-development and Ethics Class

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