2017 JHSSF Pre-Hunt Rifle instruction for hunters

WHAT:                  JHSSF Pre-Hunt Rifle Instruction for Hunters

WHERE:                TBA upon registration

WHEN:                 September 8, 2017  530pm to 730pm

COST:                   $20/ person

The JH Shooting Sports Foundation (JHSSF), JH Shooting Experience (JHSE) and the JH Gun Club (JHGC) have joined to provide rifle hunters with an evening session designed to help them become even more responsible and ethical hunters.  “We owe it to the animals we are pursuing to know when to shoot and when we do pull the trigger to only take the most ethical shot.  That all starts with intimately knowing our gear and understanding our own capabilities” said JHGC President Jake Hanson, who also serves as a JHSSF board member.

Organizer Shepard Humphries said that every fall there are many people that come to the range at the last minute to sight in their rifle before the season opening the following day.  He has observed scopes improperly installed and many problems understanding how to sight the scope in with the rifle.  “A guy will shoot 2 boxes of ammunition, spinning the scope dials back and forth and still not be sighted in.  The next day I see him back after he has purchased more ammo and is doing the same thing again.”

Humphries said that many Jackson hunters are not “gun people” and simply use the rifle as a tool to harvest meat in a more ethical way than supermarket purchases.  “You can’t blame a person for not being an expert with guns any more than you can blame me for not being an expert with commodities trading software.”  We are happy to offer this pre-hunt rifle instruction for hunters session at more than a 95% discount from normal market prices.

JHSSF President Alan Brumsted says that experts will be on hand to help make the pre-hunt rifle preparation process seamless.  From making sure bedding bolts are tight to setting zero stops, explaining BDC style reticle use and how to get into the best field positions for shooting, this workshop will pack in as much as possible in 2 hours.

JD High Country Outfitters has offered a 10% discount coupon to registrants of this workshop.  Director of operations Keith O’Toole says the discount coupon is good for scope rings, scope mounts, rifle ammo and other rifle accessories.

It is anticipated that this event will be in high demand which requires that it is run efficiently and in a way that respects everyone’s time, so doors will close at 520PM sharp.  We will not accept late arrivals or “drop-ins.”


Shepard Humphries

The event is being organized and staffed by Jackson Hole Shooting Experience shooting instructors, owner Shepard Humphries is donating his time.